Cult Vintage & Sian Morgan

Dates:17 August 2017 to 23 August 2017
Times:09:00 to 18:00

Sian Morgan

Born and raised in Margate local artist Sian Morgan has long had an affinity and love of Thanet’s beautiful coastline. In her exhibition she will be highlighting one of the aspects that most fascinates her. The wind shelter. Many of these shelters which were constructed in Victorian times have been restored yet some are in poor repair. These structures of Thanet’s past reflect its bygone era of prosperity, its decline and hopeful rise. How many stories could they tell if they could speak? How many firsts have they seen? A first kiss, cigarette or beer. The changing of sensibilities and attitudes. Before mobile phones they were a focal and meeting point along our coast for many. Sian hopes her exhibition will make you reflect and remember some of your memories of these beautiful structures.

Cult Vintage

Natasha Hill is a local amateur portrait photographer who enjoys to convey a strong native within her work. She likes to question and stir debate about what is a portrait and what constitutes beauty. The small series of work shown is called ‘A portrait of us’