Beyond Reason: Jacqueline Newbury

Dates:28 July 2023 to 1 August 2023

The unleased subconscious, working from the mind or the other world, explores the depths of Jacqueline’s work.

A college’ of life’s experiences, drawing from moments of memories past and future aspirations. Mark-making from a blind state, allowing the subconscious to dictate, drawings and paintings have been produced within the past two years. Whilst conducting an orchestra of colour with oil and acrylic paintings, this exhibition also explores other avenues with drawings in charcoal and pastels. Concentrating on what is seen or imagined, the Universal truths of her work could be seen as sublime or Surreal.

Born in 1960, in Inverness, Scotland, Jacqueline was a tug of love baby which ended up in Kent. Brought up between her grandfather and mother, she was torn, leaving home at age sixteen. She pursued various jobs including being a Telephone Operator, before entering her career in advertising which spanned ten years. It was during a trip in 1990, to India that Jacqueline started to paint.

Then aged 30, she returned, gave up her husband, abandoned her career to go to Art College in 1993. Time was no longer spent, concerning the material aspect of life. She says, “my attitude towards life drastically changed after time in India, my time and the way I wanted to live my life became non recognisable. Gone were the 32 pairs of shoes, with matching suits”.

Now looking to the beauty and colour of life, painting and drawing have become a saviour to her.

Since 2005, diagnosed with Schizophrenia, life threatening occasions, including a stroke, brain surgery as well as a string of other illnesses. Coming out of depths of despair, it was with an illusion of being a painter, that she has produced work throughout the negative and positive years of her life.

“Today and the past few years has been a struggle, but not just for me” she says, “the truth of life is not always easy!”

Jacqueline regularly exhibits at the Pie Factory, the last exhibition being two years ago and has since exhibited in Venice.