Barber’s Son – Hairdresser’s Daughter

Dates:22 August 2013 to 28 August 2013

Stories without words:
As a child, Susie Darnton lived in a house with bare walls and simple functional furniture. Visits to her Grandfather’s house, an Aladin’s cave of paintings and decorative treasures, fuelled her fascination for the visual. On one visit, her braver younger sister requested a tour of the house and it was upon this occasion that they saw a painting of a little girl with red hair standing in an Autumn wood. A few years later the painting was offered to the family, but when the time came for it to be collected, there was no sign of it. The walls of the house remained white and empty.
Story telling has always been important to the artist and here she presents paintings and prints of redheaded figures in haunting landscapes, which suggest poetic narrative.