Barber’s Son – Hairdresser’s Daughter: Moss

Dates:28 August 2015 to 1 September 2015

10am to 5pm

Private View Friday August 28th 6pm onwardsBARBER’S SON – HAIRDRESSER’S DAUGHTER: MOSS

A rolling stone gathers no moss, however, as we journey through life we cannot help but collect people to travel with for long or short periods. This multi-media exhibition relates to artists’ journeys in the broadest sense and contains some of the artists that I have ‘journeyed’ with at various points in my life. The earliest works included are Joan Bell’s Moroccan drawings from the 1930s, which I first exhibited in the Long Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne in 1988 in a show titled ‘Grandmother’s Footsteps’. There are works by artists I met during my time in Newcastle, with whom my life journey has become inextricably woven. ‘Barber’s Son – Hairdresser’s Daughter’ is particularly pleased to be presenting the first British showing of Joe Evans’ ‘Metrographie’ a beautiful and witty reinterpretation of the Parisian Metro signs. There are also works by young local artists, who are just embarking upon their artistic journey. Although the hub of the exhibition is contained within the Pie Factory, the visitor is encouraged to venture out, discover and interact with further works situated around Margate. Alongside visual art, there will be poetry readings, performances and music throughout the event. It is hoped that the visitor will pause a while to think, reflect and gather a little of the ‘moss’ that is on offer during the week.
Unlike Turner, the ‘Barber’s Son’, ‘Hairdresser’s Daughter’ does not have a permanent gallery in Margate. It exists to bring Art to everyone within non-threatening environments. People who would not usually visit exhibitions are particularly welcomed. ‘Barber’s Son-Hairdresser’s Daughter’ held its first exhibition ‘Stories without Words’ in August 2013 at The Pie Factory, Margate. Three exhibitions have taken place in 2014: ‘Venezia in Vendita’ which offered fragments of Venice for sale within a Margate Junk shop, ‘Gardens of Nature and Imagination’ and the political installation ‘Are you now or have you ever been?’ at Rough Trade, Margate.
For more information about this exhibition, please contact 07794 459 179