Anthony Giles: Solo exhibition

Dates:4 May 2018 to 15 May 2018
Times:10am to 4pm

Award winning Margate artist Anthony Giles showcases a collection of new paintings at Pie Factory Margate from the 4th to the 15th of May 2018. Anthony will be curating the exhibition himself and taking the opportunity to paint whilst at the gallery.

Having a solo exhibition averaging every two months throughout this year means he has to produce around twenty new pieces every month to keep his buyers and collectors happy.

His new work is being much sought after by both local and international buyers, with his complete body of work for the Turner Contemporary exhibition The Waste Land exhibited at Proper Coffee House in Margate’s High Street being sold to a single collector!

Anthonys new style of working shows a regard for the later works of J W Turner with a contemporary edge that, akin to Turner, shows light as the main focus with detail and definition secondary to the composition.

Light is the main focus of many of Anthonys latest pieces, with his last solo exhibition at Lovelys Gallery entitled Breaking Ground – Light is Colour selling over half the exhibition pieces.

This latest exhibition will encompass some of Anthonys past students work including Keith Guilder, Louisa Hynes, David O’Callaghan, Michael Baxter and Kathleen Rudman.

Anthony may be Contacted regarding sales or private commissions at the email address listed or through