An Allegory of Light and Place…: Sian Morgan and Natasha Hill

Dates:19 May 2022 to 25 May 2022
Times:10am to 5pm daily

An Allegory of Light and Place is an exhibition in two halves the ‘light’ is represented by portraits and street photography and the ‘place’ by beautifully painted illustrations of local landmarks.

Local artist, Sian Morgan, took inspiration from the places she saw during her daily walks during lockdown. These places were a great source of comfort to her, they represent her journey from childhood to present-day.  This body of work denotes what it is to be steadfast in times of great struggle.

Through a series of portraits and street photography, photographic artist, Natasha Hill, depicts the silent heroes, the everyday people, and how they grappled with their reduced liberty during lockdown. These images are symbolic and refer to the light of a person, the protagonist within, and the light of a brighter tomorrow. In addition to the portraits there will be an audio element to this section of the exhibition with personal accounts of people’s experiences during the pandemic.

During those unprecedented times we were faced with confinements and restrictions, we were faced with the loss of liberty and livelihood, and in many cases the loss of loved ones.

This show pays tribute to us all and those we have lost.

Additionally, guest poet , Becky Holiday, will be joining the exhibition and reading her work on Sunday 22nd May.