All Change (Please)

All Change (Please)

The title of this show reflects both my personal world and the world I see around me.

On a personal level and as a woman of a certain age I find myself intimately involved in the physical process of change and ask  myself Am I on the change?  In the change? On the edge of change? On the other side of change? Or beyond change?

On a local level and having recently relocated to Margate from Berkshire, I reflect on the obvious change of scenery that comes with a move and the more subtle changes that  takes place inside me and  which influence my work as an artist.

As I daily interact with the local community I can’t help but notice the enormous transformation that Margate has endured over the past century or more.  Images abound of layer after layer of historical change, one superimposed upon the other resulting in a tantalising interplay of old and new.

On a more global level you only have to glance at a newspaper to realise the world itself is currently  going through a period of enormous change.  The middle East in political turmoil,  the eurozone in financial crisis, riots, earthquakes and tsunamis, to name but a few.

How do we respond to this relentless change and how does it affect us at a human level?  Where are we heading in the future?

Change is an inevitable part of life, in fact one might argue that change is the story of life itself. Life is a journey with many stops between.  All Change (Please).

An exhibition of work by Sally Childs


Private View on Friday 27 January 2012 from 6-9pm

Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 11.30am – 17.00pm and Sunday 12.00pm – 16.00 pm