Quartet: Jo Archer, Margot Bandola, Jennie Sharman-Cox, Graham Ward

Dates:19 February 2021 to 24 February 2021
Times:11am to 5pm

Jo Archer is a mixed media artist who combines the techniques of collage, assemblage and textile art. Her work is heavily layered and textured by combining elements such as embroidery, old papers, found objects and wax.

Margot Bandola If the purpose of art is to ameliorate or instil passion Margot Bandola provides a concrete example of these qualities and more. All land, sea and sky are masked by her weightless evocations of a world behind the curtain… and that world is within you and without you. The settings are places we’ve all been – or are on our way to visit – and the half-seen characters are our futures and pasts.

Jennie Sharman-Cox Using shrine-like boxes, with their religious overtones, enables the artist to create three dimensional stories, often from the female perspective. Drawing on historical references, figurative art, and sacred imagery she can examine our curious fascination with death and desire, love and loss, the morbid and macabre.

Graham Ward utilises the Brick Space area of Margate’s Pie Factory where, in 2018, he exhibited his ‘Fisterra – Fourteen Stations’, created specifically for the area. Based on the Pilgrimage to Finisterre on the Galician coast of Northern Spain, he returns to Pie Factory Margate with a new series of wall- based works to accompany his ‘Kings of Leon’ installation, a series of figurative pieces inspired by the Pantheon of San Isidoro in Leon which, in addition to a magnificent cycle of 12th- century religious and secular frescoes that cover the entire interior, is also the burial-place of the ancient kings of Spain. Long-fascinated by the building and it’s contents, Graham Ward now brings a very personal vision of this ancient dynasty – and whose work reflects his continued fascination with the great Pilgrim routes to Santiago de Compostela.

Jo Archer The Crow Road Pie Factory Margate exhibition
Jo Archer
Jennie Sharman Cox Quartet exhibition at Pie Factory Margate
Jennie Sharman-Cox
Margot Bandola Pie Factory Margate exhibition
Margot Bandola