Booking Agreement and Charges

Our aim is to make Pie Factory Margate a vibrant and exciting place to visit and do business.  We do not normally extend a booking beyond four weeks to ensure there’s something new for people to see .  We will consider any arts, craft and media related event – but surprise us! We are always looking for something different (provided it is legal).

Some basic ground rules:

  • You must keep the Gallery staffed at all times the doors are unlocked
  • The fire doors must be kept clear at all times
  • The building must be locked and the alarm set when you leave the building
  • Please don’t sell food or drink – you are not licensed to do this
  • We will clean the building and empty the bins but do expect you to keep the place tidy
  • Let us know immediately if something breaks or stops working
  • Make sure you manage your visitors by not exceeding 80 in the building at any one time and ensuring everyone behaves